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We are evolving as empathic, rational human beings with hidden untapped potential to make this world a better place to live. Does that mean human beings have stopped being cruel and vicious to fellow humans? No, not entirely, in fact it is far from it. Violence and bigotry still exist, and we all are collectively making sincere attempts to reverse the course of our action and I unconditionally support this attempt. But somewhere in the process to undo the wrong done for the past many centuries, we're turning exactly into those we despise the most.

To stop violence, we're embodying the traits of violence to hurt others, harbouring bigoted views to counter bigoted narratives, propagating misandry  to fight misogyny, becoming racist to punish white people even when they are not being one, and now, we are slotting all heterosexual people  as 'homophobes and transphobes' to prove our alliance with LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) community. Cutting long things short, instead of navigating through middle path to recognize and implement solutions that would benefit everyone across all the spectrum; we keep swinging the pendulum from one extremist idea to  another extremist idea, in the guise of serving justice to the oppressed, who might not always be one.

At this moment while you read this, the LGBT community is perhaps the most discussed community in the mainstream discourse in the international level. Not only for their rights to equality but also for being the target of nefarious homophobes and transphobes who simply resent their existence and most of them are true. Neither anyone can deny that, nor should one engage in any form of mental gymnastics to sweep these issues under the rug. However, there is also a reality which I purposefully neglected by the mainstream discourse because these news are politically incorrect and might throw negative light on the 'already persecuted' community. Well, intention is noble, but it only does more harm to the community that one can imagine.

There are three widely discussed cases that I would like to draw your attention to:

In July 2012, a gay couple Charlie Craig and David Mullins went to the Masterpiece cakeshop in Colorado to get a cake bake for them. The owner Jack Phillips, due to his religious reasons (something I don't agree with) to entertain baking cakes for LGBT people, refused to take the order for them. Angered by being rejected, the couple complained against the owner to the civil rights commission in Colorado, who filed a case against Jack, but the case eventually went in favour of him citing freedom of expression under first amendment.

In January 2019, Hollywood television actor Jussie Smollett had alleged to be assaulted outside his apartment building by two men who made homophobic and racial slurs at him. This garnered outrage globally because a.) it was a mainstream artist from gay community and b) it took place in the 'Trump' America, and the community is not fond of him by any stretch. However. for some who were seeking the truth. Jussie's report wasn't convincing enough and after thorough investigation, not only was it proven that Jussie had fabricated his claim to be assaulted - a clear case of hate hoax, but he was also charged with class 4 felony for filing false police report the next month.

In August 2019, Jessica Yaniv, who claims to be a transwoman, sued three women of discrimination in Canada because they refuse to wax her 'male genital', this led to permanent shut down of their business. Jessica, thankfully, lost the case and has been ordered to pay reparation amount of 2000 US$ to each of them.

All three cases are different. However, for me, all these three cases had one factor in common - Intolerance towards differing views and irrational hatred against heterosexuality in general shielded under the guise of 'discrimination' and 'bigotry'. I'm not trying to say prejudices against LGBT community is all false, it is not. There are many which is saddening but at the same time, false reporting of hate crimes are not an isolated incidents anymore, the aforementioned cases have been widely discussed but I can say with a lot of surety that such instances are taking place in huge numbers and you don't have to look further any away than follow Andy Ngo's twitter account.

Andy Ngo is an American-Vietnamese journalist who has covered hate crimes in the US involving homophobia, transphobia which has so far turned out to be a hoax after thorough investigation. The motive behind hate hoax is usually to create panic amongst the vulnerable people against majoritarian population (in this case White people) by staging fake attacks within the community. Andy has also, quite recently, survived a brutal assault laid by US's most violent thugs 'Antifa', who ironically claims to be 'Anti-fascists' endorsed by left liberals. What makes his cases unique - He is a gay man but since he is right leaning, refuse to perceive himself as a 'victim' and doesn't viscerally hate white people and Trump like many liberal LGBT folks do, he is not the 'right' kind of gay man who should be supported by hook or crook.

Tolerance? Freedom of expression? Right.

To be frank, I have been taken aback with the alarming increase of filing false report. Not that it is uncommon. We see this happening in rape cases where some women fabricate about being molested or raped by men for various reason apart from settling scores (which is definitely horrendous because it not only risk vulnerable men but also destroys all the possibility for women, who are actually violated, to be taken seriously). What makes false cases of homophobia and transphobia absolutely problematic is they are pitting the LGBT community against the general population i.e straight people who have, in true sense, accepted  the community with open arms but are sadly frustrated by the hedonistic nature and the futile perpetual victim complex.

The frustration has only increased big time now with children being used as a tool for LGBT rights which is so unnecessary as well as dangerous where:

They are taught unscientific facts about genders

Endorsing puberty blocks in children

Conflating natural sexual preferences as 'transphobic' and 'prejudiced'

Treating unintentional misgendering as 'act of violence'

Inventing unfamiliar pronouns which is hard for normal conversations

Attempts to include paedophiles in the community

The community is also hell bent in 'forcefully' feminizing boys. There are two instances that were in news - one is a 11-year-old boy Desmond Napoles who not only dresses as drag, but also made to dance in a gay bar where dollar bills get thrown on him by adults; and second is 7-year-old James Younger who is being made to transitioned as a 'girl' by his woke mother much to the chagrin of his father who is infuriated and for right reason. Like I have mentioned earlier, these are no longer rare instance, this aversion towards heterosexuality and masculinity is creating cascade effect leading to such cases (shall try to dedicate an article on these topics in future)

With everything going topsy-turvy, I wonder how can LGBT community expect respect when they refuse to even acknowledge the problems persist in their own? I am not trying to project the community as one manically horrendous group. NO. They are as normal, good and bad as straight people with the basic right to live a dignified life. But they'd have to understand that they are not special either. If they want to be treated like equal, they must present themselves as equal.

When the most decent and down to earth people refuse to unnecessarily entertain anything related to 'pride' or 'rainbow', they aren't behaving like 'homophobe'; far from it,  they have absolutely no interest in figuring out who someone has sex with, in their private space - that's the last thing in their otherwise chaotic mind. All they are genuinely curious to know is how good, intriguing, charming, intelligent, empathetic are you as a person; how skilled are you and in what ways can you boost not only your workplace's economy but also your professional life. They want to admire and critique you not because of your sexual orientation, rather in spite of it.

Is it really worth to ruin the potential camaraderie you could build with straight people especially men, project them as 'villain' when they are not being one, and shove your identity through their throat when they themselves do not make a hue and cry over they being straight (some snobs do, but definitely not all)? Have you have considered what if you are just seeking privileges, trying to be 'special' and 'superior' than others and not seeking equality in truest and humanest sense?

Think about it.

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