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Mob ransacking public properties is not new. What happened in Washington is that the ‘wrong’ kind of mob did the honours. The righteous indignation that followed, the banning of accounts on FB and Twitter etc that followed, the microscopic dissection of the ‘horrors’ that followed on social media by the Pawns of the Order, point out to the act of Big Tech being compelled to announce that they are in charge of the narrative. They’ve been in charge for some time now; not being the kind to tomtom their agenda, they had kept silent. But Zuck banning the account – whether out of impulse of ego I am not sure – of the President of perhaps the most powerful state today, kinda did the honour. And I am not prefixing ‘narrative’ with ‘global’ – not as of now, because it hasn’t reached that stage.

What is a good thing here? The battle lines are finally out. The measures for counterbalance would also be in the open. People began migrating to VK or Parler long ago, now the process will speed up. If the battle at their end is about lobotomy – let there at least be some contenders. If the battle at our end is about good old tribalism – let there at least be the freedom of choice.

There are many questions that interests. Here’s what I am thinking:  

1. If Big Tech now controls (or is a part of) the elite globalist cabal then how this gang includes CPC in their scope remains to be seen. There is a fair overlapping of what and how they want, with the Chinese long-term agenda. And, there are areas where there could be serious differences. How would they tango? And for how long?

2. Now that globalization is being countered – even if it is very weakly – right in the house where it originated, could there be a future for this movement? Big Tech isnt global yet; there is still a huge space out there. Who will rush to fill that space? For example: Is that what Modi is trying to achieve here by heavying Ambani and the couple of others? Trumpism has found a foothold – and Trump will continue with his plans, but has Modiism found one? Are sundry members of EU readying their POA as we think? The world needs a balance, that’s for sure. How long before we see that?

3. If tribalism of this kind is the counterbalance, then what could be the uniting glue? The globalist have managed to clump the islamists, cultural marsixts, and other fringe groups using these groups’ hatred towards what they consider to be the roots of all evil – whatever they are. The glue holds good, even if it is for the time being. The survival chances of the nationalists around the globe depend not in the merit of their ideology, but glue that their narrative produces. Even if these forces try to take the globalists down in their home turf and in isolation – there must be some coordination between them around the globe for substantial impact. Would the glue be the same hate-based? Or would it be something else?

4. Tech-heavy states like Israel, or fast-transitioning ones like KSA – how are they going to deal with this? Or has it already reached a stage where political leaders just don’t count anymore? There are signs there already: Techie Israel ganging up with Religious KSA and few others there. Who will concede? Tech or Religion? And to what extent?

5. How is Putin readying his moves? Leftism could still be considered a Soviet legacy, but the leftists of today belong to the globalist capitalists. Funny, eh? Anyway, at this rate, Putin – with Eurasian Integration and a working relation with West Europe being his twin target trump-cards – will find it increasingly tricky to balance Sino-Russ relations where accommodating that area that is common between CPC and Big Tech is concerned. Biden has already announced some ambiguous plans about future relations with China and Russia. Laced heavily with the globalist agenda it points out towards softening of approach towards China and Iran; not so much towards Russia. How would Putin settle scores with this gang?

6. When the dust settles – whichever way it does – the islamists would demand their pound of flesh. What then? Is globalism going to mark the end of their identity? Or are they going to find a resonance with the old tribal sentiment and fragment? Have to remember that this is an alive and kicking legacy that, unlike the other Abrahamic ones, hasn’t been allowed to dilute in the last 1500 years. Tribal with a globalist agenda – that’s the one that could well be the thing of the future. And hold answers to many questions.

I don’t have the picture that I would have liked to. But I would keep a watch.

And yes, I am transiting to other SM platforms. I guess I will see some of you there.


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