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The Curious Case of Jamal Khashoggi (Part Two) - Arindam Mukherjee

The predictable reaction to a slip – like someone farting in a restaurant for example – is a bit of attention. Some more, if you can identify the culprit, or the air stinks as a result. And then it is over. Usually excitement for half a minute.

Social media is kinda like a fart dispenser. Endless hundreds fart every moment, and endless million keep scrolling for the interesting ones. That Khasogghi affair would similarly be lost was anyone’s guess. But so soon? For those that were, till about the beginning of the week screaming their veins out, the restaurant air has been neutralized. Stop one and ask, and (s)he is almost sure to admit that an opened bottle of Sprite retained its fizz better.

Well, what just happened?

The Curious Case of Jamal Khasogghi (as Asma said I should have named my first piece that I wrote earlier) has turned out to be an elaborate ploy to prove to the Saudis just how powerful the MSM propaganda wing of the West still is. So till I began writing this an hour ago: It wasn’t about the murder of the man… it wasn’t about how he had turned that Cengiz woman into his girlfriend; he had only met her in May 2018… it wasn’t about why he had to get a divorce to remarry – he being a Muslim was well within his rights to marry a few more… it wasn’t about why Cengiz was silent for 2-3 days before she started talking about Mr K’s disappearance… it wasn’t about why, despite knowing that he could be in real trouble were he to visit a Saudi consulate, Mr K walked in one… it wasn’t about Cengiz and her apparent relations with Gulen, or about how despite that, she was allowed to roam about in Turkey. It isn’t about the hundreds of unanswered questions. Not anymore. Surprisingly, it also isn’t about Sultan anymore.

Some epic level gagging just got over guys.

And the biggest of them all? Sultan. He was supposed to drop a bomb much before Diwali, probably carried one with him alright, but discovered that he did not bring a match box. Someone bought or stole his match box. Bottomline? No bomb. It is back to waiting for Diwali again.

What else has been going on? Uncle blowing hot and cold on MBS. Remember the movie Dictator? Where Admiral General Aladeeeeeen changes random words in the dictionary to ‘Aladeen’? Yes, No, Positive, Negative being the few among them? And as a result, the patient upon hearing that he was HIV Aladeen, did not know whether to laugh or cry? MBS is kinda of like that patient now. Every morning he wakes up to see some or the other Uncle top boss on TV speak with a smile that he is HIV Aladeen. The smile changes to a frown by the time he is up for lunch. This goes on thrice a day. Always HIV. Always Aladeen. Think if you were in his spot.

Gag some, and threaten the rest. The immense power that the MSM still wields, becomes visible almost immediately. They got the world to shout out loud, the top-dogs to cancel this and that business and conference, and caused the entire family and their underwear to cringe within those white tents. Such that, they had to release some damning sound bytes about how they would clamp on the oil. I mean, that’s kind of the last resort, isn’t it? What do the Arabs have? Yea, they have a religion, but damn… they have no control over it anymore. Just because Uncle-spies were incredibly stupid to fathom that the Soviet that they were trying so fucking hard to destroy was dead already, and for that they were ass kissing a species that would soon put Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein in a burqa and ban his outdoor visits unaccompanied.

I divert. Oil. The one and only thing that the Sauds can bargain with. I mean they can sure act all airy and superior, employing white firangs to work for them, but when shit hits the fan that’s about the only leverage that they have. And by now everyone that understands implications, understands that. Nutshell? There is a limit to which you can act like Uncle-sons. You know that I-do-whatever-the-fuck-I-want-to kinds. Uncle is in an extremely foul mood anyway these days. Chiefly due to Russia, China, India, Iran etc acting like that. That’s still sort of okay, considering the present global scenario; they are not family. But to allow an old Uncle-slave to act like that disturbs domestic peace. It is a no-go area. I mean dude, even propah white slaves like Merkel or Macron still behave; MBS is only a brown slave trying hard to pick up an accent.

So yes, the threat reached to a level where the Desert Prince had to bring oil on to the table. That did control some damage, yes. But that has opened his defences dangerously open. He has to pay up a lot of money – which Uncle Scrooge asked from him just about a week ago, and he had said no. He remains a sort of quasi-hostage to Sultan who may or may not have a few things to throw at the western press. Then, he remains completely at the mercy of the MSM about Yemen. If they open their trap, the kind of liberal fanatics that we have populating the streets today, let’s just say, he’d be toast. 

I had heard from a few sources that the fat Arabs that drive Lamborghinis realize that their good days might be close to over because oil isn’t gonna be profitable in the near future. I have been sceptical. But after witnessing how even bringing oil on aint shrinking those neo-liberal balls, I stand convinced.

Catch ya next week guys!

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