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Moving Through The Horse-Shoe

Since it is ‘Namma Game-ah Over-ah’ for Dolund Bhai, let us see what’s happening around. Biden is bringing in Victoria ‘Fuck the EU’ Nuland. And you know what, I have a strong feeling that the old bat who lost the 2016 election and probably sleeps inside a casket during the day these days somewhere in a cave is lurking around, waiting for her chance after sunset.

What else? Deep state is relieved. Random towelheads in Middle East triple kissing and making up, Russia being treated nominally, soldiers taking flights back home… those days are over. It is back to the stale old comforts of exporting war, China-dependence, good terrorists, and PHD in gender studies & rainbow cakes.

Europe has sleepwalked through a contingency arrangement of sorts. You see when cousin Dolund was making life tough for them being ambiguous about Russia and about NATO, they probably realized that whether put to actual use or just displayed around, leverage is a great tool. So while Uncleistan was playing election games, Denmark, Germany, Czech Rep, etc decided to allow Russia to extend some gas lines. The view that EU needs to chart its own course both with Russia and China, is slowly getting to be audible. Aatmanirbharata baby!

That’s not all. West Europe is witnessing an active resurgence of popular nationalistic sentiments almost all over the map. This is speculated to be the result of two theatres: Immigration of the Intolerants, and, Four Years of Dolund the Trump. So, ‘Allow us some leeway else the right wingers would take over’ could well be the 21-24 collective EU slogan. See, Lotus-Potus, Come-to-papa-my-little-piglet-EU notwithstanding, there is no guarantee about the kind of pressure the Twilight Team of Washington might bring upon them. This bit of drama isn’t that bad. Pakistan’s been doing it for so long, and they aren’t even Uncle’s relatives!

So this little measure of aatmanirbharta mixed with the rise of the Christian right-wing is a dandy combination. Soros Gang’s been having it too easy for too long now. With Uncleistan divided and Europe sprouting nationalistic sentiments of the conservative kind, and with the possibility of an Orange Fingers Production titled The Return of the Dolund in 2024, I wouldn’t mind sampling some rednecking in untralibby EU. And while Orange Fingers might be chewed and spat out of the political circuit in the coming few months – Trumpism as his legacy has only begun.

India? Should be back to its balancing act. Uncle is going to rely on China for tech, whether he tomtoms this fact or not. Uncle draws its recruitment from 20 crore STEM capable White / Black / Brown mix. China has a billion of them STEM capable Hans (Source: Unz Review). Which means about 5 guys to 1, to put to work. And given the way PRC MAKES people work, it could well be 10 to 1. Do the maths. Biden, clearly with no credible long-term foundation to the coming of 5G, AI, IOT and shit like that has to turn to China. Sure; he would do some nautanki for optics (with Taiwan for eg). But that’s about it. And while at it, his team would go back to trying the cracking up of Sino-Russ alliance. [Putin’s trials to introduce hydrocarbon imperialism on West Europe could be in anticipation.]

The issue is that too much of Biden love – even if Twilight Team allows – would bring New Delhi under the globalist umbrella. Those of you that had even an iota of doubt about who runs who, must be clearheaded by now after the Twitter / FB censorship. The moral now is that you can’t NOT ADD to the Soros Gang volume if you are rooting too strong for Indo-US long term reciprocity. Only Sino-Russ alliance has the bandwidth to counter the globalists; but friendship with China is out of question – at least in the near future, even if all roads lead to them, and even if Biden sneaks up to them. So?

Old story. A temporary show of attempting to balance while building up indigenous capacity. In tech, R&D, infra – you name it. Working double/triple shifts if required. Done right, these long-ass attempts trying to ascertain how could the future regional / global mix look like would be a lot easier. Till then, as we keep watching Uncle inching towards China through a horse-shoe of sort (the bigger the piece on the board, the more the freedom of movement), let us enjoy remaining stuck as a pawn in a morass with very limited space to move – which is perhaps the result of our limited vision, and watch UPA lovers and BJP lovers fight on social media about who’s India’s best hope.  

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