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KASHMIR: Only Pakistani 'Jihad Factory' Stands In The Way Of Peace - HITESH TIKOO

Right from the time of partition when it sent Pashtun tribal militants and irregular Pakistani forces to plunder Kashmir, kill Kashmir’s men and rape its women and finally annex it, to this date, Pakistan’s evil doings and it’s nefarious designs hardly suggest a modicum of peace. Instead, it suggests that if there is anyone who stands in the way of peace over Kashmir, it’s Pakistan.

Last week, at a Kashmir Solidarity Day rally in Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan Niazi said, ’’When you decide on your future, and when the people of Kashmir, God willing, decide in Pakistan’s favour, I want to say that after that Pakistan will give Kashmiris the right that if you want to be independent or a part of Pakistan. This will be your right.’’

The above statement from a head of the state, run and ruined by the security establishments, is nothing but part of an evil design to annex the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir. It’s nothing but one of the many baits that Pakistan has repeatedly used to trap the Kashmiri sentiment and take control over it. 

Pakistan’s repeated assurances that it would give Kashmiri’s a chance to decide for themselves and would encourage a UN-mandated plebiscite is nothing but a blatant lie right in the face of the entire world. But it’s not unprecedented at all, Pakistan has a history full of subterfuge. 

Right after Khan’s statement, C.J. Werleman, Global Correspondent for Byline Times, and believed to be Pakistan’s blue-eyed boy on Twitter, wrote an article accusing India of standing in the way of peace over Kashmir. 

Before throwing platitudes about the peace in Kashmir, pundits like Werleman, always turn a blind eye to Pakistan’s four unsuccessful attempts to invade and annex Jammu and Kashmir. They turn a blind eye to the three decades of Pakistani perpetrated jihad in Kashmir, which began in the late 1980’s and was inspired by the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran and the Afghan jihad. 

Part of the problem are these pundits who constantly whine about freedom and peace in Kashmir, but have a modicum of awareness and understanding about the realities on ground. Politically motivated and intellectually indoctrinated, these pundits play right into the hands of their masters. So stupid are they that the only thing they can come up with, is the UN Security Council resolution 47 which suggests to hold a plebiscite in Kashmir. However, resolution 47’s first condition is for Pakistan to withdraw all its nationals that entered Kashmir for the sake of fighting (which means Pakistan has to withdraw all its people and military from PoK), which the whole world knows is unlikely to happen. So before taking on India, these pundits never hold Pakistan accountable in any way or in any situation, and they don't measure the terrorist state of Pakistan with the same yardstick. 

In 1971, the entire world witnessed the way Pakistan stifled every whisper of freedom and independence in Bangladesh. And the way it’s army slaughtered millions of their fellow Muslim Bangladeshis who wanted nothing but independence. The reason behind Pakistan’s animosity towards Bangladesh was Bangladesh's different culture, language, its heritage and its desire to be independent. 

After what they did in Bangladesh, if Pakistan can stay rigid about providing civil rights to Balochs, Pashtuns and other religious minorities, what makes these pundits think that Pakistan will entertain any Kashmiri independence movement? If Pakistan can set up death squads for Baloch dissidents, it can very well do so to take out Kashmiri dissidents, in fact, it has done that in the past, the killing of people like Shujaat Bukhari and Babar Qadri, and the recently murdered Karima Baloch, are some examples of Pakistan’s standard operating procedure against dissident voices. 

India, has a history of accommodating people from all sections of the society, religion, caste, colour, creed and sexual orientation. It has a vast history of giving refuge to the persecuted. From Ladakh to Kanyakumari, India provides equality to each and every individual, and offers a multi-cultured, multi-lingual and an exceptionally diverse piece of land to its people. 

India doesn't dupe international political leaders. India does not subjugate or annihilate any of its states' indigenous identity. Duping Western government and its leaders, fomenting Islamist fever, silencing dissident Pashtun and Baloch voices, persecuting religious minorities and providing safe haven to notorious global terrorists like Bin Laden and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is Pakistan's favourite job. They are the masters in this statecraft. Just to remember, it was the Pakistani trained militants who wiped out the entire indigenous Kashmiri Pandit tribe from Kashmir, and they still remain homeless in their own country. 

Pakistan has cultivated dangerous overground workers and terrorists in Kashmir. It has disturbed every effort to bring peace to Kashmir, and it has a history of silencing peace loving voices through a radicalised, misinformed, and a highly trained militia, capable of carrying out deadly terrorist attacks and ISIS style beheadings. 

If Pakistan is for peace and prosperity, it should show the world that it really intends to do so. It can start by completely abandoning its proxy war in Kashmir. It can remove landmines from Pashtun tribal areas, make peace with the Pashtuns and respect their civil and human rights. It can terminate its death squads in Balochistan and actually pay heed to the Baloch voices in Pakistan and abroad. Pakistan has illegally occupied Balochistan, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, so why not start with holding plebiscites in these states? 

According to Fred Burton, vice-president of the global intelligence firm Stratfor, Pakistani military and its spy agency ISI, had knowledge of the arrangements made for Osama Bin Laden and the Abbottabad safe house he was living in. Think about it, someone who murdered 3000 innocent people in cold blood, found shelter nowhere else in the world but Pakistan. So to believe that Pakistan possesses any sane thought for peace and prosperity in the subcontinent or anywhere else in the world, is a grave mistake. And it is not India but Pakistan who actually stands in the way for peace over the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir. 

Pakistan's jihad in Kashmir continues till date.

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