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Independence Day Updates - Arindam Mukherjee

Hey guys… Long time!

So? Biden Harris, is it?  

Forget the authentic black or white US democrat supporters, a fair number of the coconut Dems from India settled there are salivating on every page and post that they can find on FB. They have gone feral – they remember how their candidate was left looking like their mascot the last time Uncleistan went to poll. Imagine a vampire turning into an ass. The other day one such specimen reminded some youngster in Noida about the youngster’s ‘privileges.’ A second gen who grew up riding on the labours of an immigrant dad tutoring a self-made fellow on privileges. And I have the whatsapp message of another character that has taken the excitement to an extent where his ‘So powerful speech… Kamala Harris… Yessssssssss’ is borderline orgasmic.

And why not. This new coupling has increased the chances of a Dem victory dramatically. The ratings look in their favour. The corporate establishments are pro-left already thanks to the globalist elites and their priorities. The assorted pawns – BLM, Antifa etc, are doing the looting and burning as per plan. Trump is not the brightest dude around; he has duly screwed up the C19 combat and the response against these rioters. The relentless negative coverage looks like it has finally found some foothold among the traditional GOP voters as well, forget the swing states. A couple of friends that stay there fear a slow burning civil war in the near future, one that’s gonna overturn a lot of good that the country represented, and still does to a large extent.

Trump is putting in a serious fight in the international arena. First the Israel-UAE deal, and now the Serbia Kosovo meeting – it looks he is out on a one-man-mission to cut the oxygen line that feeds the MI Complex: Conflicts. Even if he is 50% successful – which he won’t be – the problem with that is A) The effect of this on the domestic voters is not going to count, and B) The effect of this on the globalist tribe is probably going to be visible in the long run. Either way, this doesn’t help him this year-end. A slim hope, that of the debates remain, where my friend thinks Scrooge has a fair chance to improve his ratings.

My question however, is about these assorted pawns. The revolushun gang. Assuming the Dems win, what happens to them? They won’t get jobs. It is one thing to mouth leftist rhetoric because it is cool, it is quite another to employ incompetence and mindlessness at work. Businesses aren’t modelled around that. Not as yet. So what happens? Do they survive on doles like the cadres of Bengal Politics? (That would be proud – what Bengal thinks today…. you get the drift?). Or do these leftist-capitalists create a new business model that revolves around employing anti-socials?

The Middle East looks extremely interesting. UAE and Israel, eh? Who would have thought? This one suddenly makes the area look like iron fillings gravitating towards this or that magnetic pole. Qatar and Turkey getting cozy at the other end. Bahrain and the rest of the GCC guys about to line-up behind UAE. Iran looking a little perplexed because it has a fairly good working relation with UAE, but now there are geopolitical concerns to cater to; impressions to be put. So is it going to be a direct line to Turkey? And in the long run, China?

But don’t bet on that, not yet. Take a look at Pakistan, the clue lies there. They have been trying to undermine OIC, they have taken money from China to pay off KSA, they are even willing to risk their oil supply from KSA. They even have rediscovered their genetic root (they are no more Arabs these days, they are Turkish).

Why is Pakistan behaving this way? Because, China has suddenly increased the speed of wrapping that place up. And why is that? Because if the Dems win, some of the focus is definitely going to shift back to Pakistan. And Pakistan being Pakistan…

Same way, if the Dems win, Iran relations with Uncleistan would travel northward. Hence Iran would probably do good by roaming around aimlessly for a few more months till Uncle goes to poll.

Biden Harris isn’t good for India. Not especially when you think of Howdy Modi etc stunts. So it made me wonder how might they behave with India if they win? The answer to that would lie with how they’d want to tackle China. For direct confrontation, they would need New Delhi. For anything that isn’t direct… well… let’s say New Delhi wouldn’t be one of the prime options. I would think the latter. Think of the Obama days.  

BUT… chill out guys. The world is plenty big, there are many players, the multipolarity and regional assertions have worked well to open up opportunities (yes they have messed up a lot of things too, nonetheless) for many nations that were invisible during the Cold War era – so there would always be partners and alignments, and the more these complexities grow – the lesser chances of a full fledged proliferation. There is rather a chance that it reaches a level where if Uncle wants to attack Russia, he has to think if EU is gonna be there by his side.

While this is surely a positive development – until some idiot gets nervous and presses the nuke button – this also means the old rule of the street back in Durgapur days: if you anticipate a scuffle, hit first, hit hard. Later it’d anyway be resolved in the Party Office where you’d both say sorry and make up. [Lesson for New Delhi here…?]

One last thing – Scrooge McDuck is down, not out. Write him off at your own risk. Happy 15th August.

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