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PODCAST - Impact of Pakistan Terrorism on the Women of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh

Heartland Analyst publishes its first podcast for you readers. 

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The panelists are discussing the impact of Pak sponsored terrorism on the women of Jammu, Kashmir Valley and Ladakh covering mental health issues, stigma of half -widows, plight of orphans. Also, cross border shelling on the LoC villages as well as internal displacement of Kashmiri Pandit women is touched upon.

Ms. Malik discusses the Nullification of Article 370 and how holding onto the special status of the former state now Union Territory was detrimental to its full integration into India, affecting its Valmiki Samaj, Northwest Frontier Province refugees of 1947 and the daughters of Kashmir who had married outside their clans.

Senge Sering adds to the situation in Gilgit Baltistan, and the exploitation of the women by Pakistani rangers.

Mustafa Akhwand joins with his concerns about the Shia population in Kashmir and India and how peace building is only possible if there is open acknowledgement of discrimination against women in Wahhabi interpretations of Islamic theology.

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