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The Season of Isolation and Trump Hate - Arindam Mukherjee

I had for some time, debated in my mind about which precedes which, should it come to a point where I wanted to write down a little more seriously about Donald Trump and the popular hatred against him.

It is really interesting; after all, this man has been in existence for more than 70 years now – I am assuming at least 50-54 years out of that as an adult white male with his share in this ‘male dominant’ world, and not quietly; he is characteristically a loud individual. No one pretty much cared. When he announced his intent to contest for the top job, the emotions that got tracked by different MSMs ranged from a snigger to a few snide remarks. People made fun. But, that fun quickly turned toxic as the results got announced; the speed of this conversion directly proportional to the time it took for a certain section of people to register the fact that he was going to be the US President for the next 4 years at least. This toxicity then spread around the world quite fast. The sensational nature of the idea (here is a man in a high place that you can openly hate because of the safety/legitimacy in sheer numbers) appealed to a section of the subnormally intelligent social-network crowd, and the result today is such that we see some human form jack-knifing on some London road wearing what appears to be a leather loin-cloth to protest Trump’s visit to England; this (s)he engages in as a crowd behind cheers, poising for a photo. And even if you have missed that, I am sure you haven’t missed all those smiling teenagers with their blank stares happily marching with their FUCK TRUMP placards.

Funny, how genuine surprise/shock among millions around the world about an ‘outsider’ winning an election gets converted to something else thanks to globalized propaganda and turns into a vital piece on the political chessboard. And all this ‘Russia meddling’, to ‘Russia poisoning’, to ‘Russia dictating’, to ‘Trump in Russian pocket’, to ‘Trump is a traitor’… from racism, to rapism and sexism, and everything in between – to pressurize him to fall or quit. While this kind of a hate campaign keeps Trump nearly frozen in place denying him any wriggle-space, this takes the focus off the Islamist threat for a while and back again on Russia. [We won’t be talking about Islamic terrorism here. Not now. But one thing does warrant a mention: To quit/postpone reading of a chapter halfway through to turn all resources towards another chapter that was thought to be ‘long over’ serves a cue to the score that Russia was never out of the radar as the enemy #1; radical Islam and GWOT was perhaps only a source of continuance.]

Now the same way 99% of these brain-deads marching up and down semi-naked are clueless about Trump’s policies (it is about FB ‘likes’; I am sure even the dumbest in that lot has a few followers), for about 99% of us old-schoolers, marching because it looks ‘cool!’ or because ‘he is a sexist!’ doesn’t warrant a scrutiny. There has to be something far-reaching, and extremely sensitive in nature that the man has needled that can explain the rationale behind this mad urge to mobilize Facebook-zombies across both sides of the Atlantic at the obvious cost of large sums of money.


So, what has he been up to, in the past few weeks? 1. He has sat down with the Europeans and put a few sanctions; 2. He has asked NATO members to cough up more money or get lost; 3. He then went to GB which is about to leave EU; 4. He has met Putin. Now… Think carefully to get the pattern. Sanctioning the EU members… threatening them… visiting England and talking about BoJo (the emphatic Brexiter) being a better bet than May… meeting Putin [This Putin thing is more of a window dressing; but one that has served an effective message. More on that towards the end.] Now, if I were to speculate about a method behind this madness, the main thing that I would pick up is his USP: Isolationism. He is trying to break a few concepts and the resultant institutions that have resulted out of them.

Trump doesn’t believe that a complex and interconnected global business model – the one that got reproduced after MI complex had this urge to sleep with Wall Street and the banks – as necessarily good/effective. This he has been at, since before the 90s – for those who were willing to listen – trying to sell the fact that this kind of financial economy that had to completely hinge on a militarily aggressive FP was bound to backfire sooner or later. The thing is, the world was celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall; and businessmen like Trump were a dime a dozen in the West. Thinking of replacing globalization with isolationism at just about a time when access to the entire world had only opened up… when mainstream philosophers were writing about the ‘end of history’ or that the ‘world is flat’ sure sounded low-IQ. Interesting turn of events have now made him the President, and he – amidst allegations, bad press, tied hands, investigations and all – after managing to miraculously maintain his support base among the common Americans, now wants to push ahead with his pet idea. Or it so appears.

The MSM wants us to believe that he ‘loves’ Russia. Makes sense, because if he is determined enough to dent their racket, then they have the right to retort. Trump, actually views Russia objectively. As a competition. (This doesn’t normally sit well with the MSM; historically anyone from any of the West based establishments falling short in the will to nuke Russia has always been a firing squad target. And Trump – the President – who wants to get tough on the idea of globalized trade is definitely not ‘anyone’ anymore).

What has Trump tried to initiate in the spirit of competition? He has asked NATO to cough up the money that they were ideally supposed contribute to but never did, utilizing it elsewhere as they continuously sat smug on a budget that was largely funded by USA to ‘stem Russian aggression’ (whatever the fuck that means) in Europe, and bought oil and gas from that same ‘aggressive’ Russia with their money. If it sounds like a scam, it is one; Trump has merely pointed it out. His implication being: you guys are commercially quite comfy with each other, then what the fuck you need protection from? And if you need some, then why are you doing business with them? The US economy is not in a good shape; yet there is this mad rush to spend money after NATO – most of which indirectly is being used for the benefit of Russia, while you all keep enjoying money for nothing and cheap energy… in short: best of both the worlds.

So there it is. Extracted after a lot of difficulty, because the MSM makes a living out of distorting facts, especially when it comes to Trump. And I believe this point of his would make sense to most of the sensible guys around us. Of course, you may deduce that we who think like this are wrong. In that case, look at the freshly concluded G7 where he messed up their party by imposing economic sanctions. As a result of him, the freeloaders of Europe reluctantly agreed to up their contribution to 2% of their GDP. Why would they? Increase contribution, I mean. They could have asked him to get lost; they already hate him so much.


Moral of the story: Trump – the isolationist – doesn’t need NATO or EU the same way he doesn’t need WTO. If he can get Europe to up its contribution and still express his unhappiness at them not coughing up enough, then that means that he has nothing to lose there. And if he doesn’t care about EU/NATO, then he probably doesn’t care about the international financial order as well. And that would be no less than a nuke in terms of the sense of shock that it radiates. While writing my piece Liquid Jihad last year, I had guessed about a future world and leaders that existed in isolated bubble and had their transactions – business or otherwise – with other countries underlined with suspicion bordering hostility, I had little idea that the introduction would get written the very next year. Yes, this is too fast even for me.


A Trump and a Putin summit signifies what Europe does in the sly, Trump does in the open. As the President of USA he can do business with Russia if he so wants. And when push comes to shove it could well be between him and Putin about how Europe is going to be reorganized or redrawn – depending on the need. And he doesn’t mind if NATO dissolved and so did EU because you either played by his rules or you remained a benchwarmer. So, while Russo-American differences are simply too many and too much to get resolved in a single summit (and perhaps not the intent in here either), to the intelligent people around, this meeting will remain an elaborate, too elaborate in fact, drama of a dog marking his territory. [Interestingly, it also points towards China, signalling that they can’t afford to sit pretty about the sanctity of their relationship with Russia or about their financial invulnerability, because if EU collapses for some reason, then the only financially solvent market that would remain standing is the USA.]


Realistically, this plan of Trump is quite a task. And considering it moves ahead during the next 7 or so years (if he manages to remain the President), Trump knows:

1. The financial system would be shaken, badly perhaps – but it won’t disappear. The global market would still remain, and so would the houses controlling it.

2. The new guy – whoever is the President after him – even if he/she wanted (fairly improbable) to carry on ahead with this ‘Trump’ legacy would find it impossible owing to the pressure from all quarters. In fact, the establishment could well make sure that such a person never got a ticket.

So he would want to maximize the process during these coming few years and leave it at a corner where perhaps even his most vocal hater would realize that his model is best-suited considering the altered surroundings. Of course, there are too many angles here and guys like us who don’t have an inside seat have no way of being sure. But what I can safely bet on is that Trump is infinitely more exciting a President than many before him. And it is this risk-taking ability of his that might… just might… take the Great Game to a territory – quoting Star Trek here – where no man has gone before.

While the establishment might thank him tomorrow, they are hell-bent on mobilizing these naked retards on the street, because as of today they are uncomfortable.

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