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Bringing Sultan In Afghanistan Would Be A Disaster - ARINDAM MUKHERJEE

I wanted to pat myself on the back yet again as another one of my prediction about the senile coot from the house of my Old Uncle comes to pass: Uncle’s renewed alliance with Turkey. I had joked last year that the ISIL and Erdo’s salary increment were 4 years overdue, and the coot would ask EU to pay up. This was when there was a hint that Donald Duck was probably on his way out.

But I am a little worried now to pat myself because of what is about to happen as a consequence of the coot sucking up to Erdo. See, we already know that Erdo pays the salaries of ISIL, and Qaeda / Nusra / HTS or whatever the fuck they call themselves these days. ISIL too. He pays these terrorists to keep parts of Syria under his direct influence. Top diplomats and representatives of Uncle are even calling them ‘valuable assets’ these days. Uncle prefers this kind of an arrangement; more so, when senior Qaeda/ Nusra/ HTS… WTF leader says thank you for the donation; there’s gonna be no tension from our end on your shores and in your homes.

Remember Afghanistan of the 80s? The ‘brave freedom fighters’ and their metamorphosis? Because we remember, we know the resultant mess that is always a given: Libya, Syria, wherever. Once friends and freedom fighters, then enemies and terrorists, then a long drubbing of nose, then good-terrorist-bad-terrorist reconciliation and a rent agreement afterwards – at the cost of peace and stability of a region.  

Well, I hate to broach this, but that sequence could well be on its way to multiply disproportionately and spread ALL OVER central, and south Asia, because the coot has fondled Erdo’s balls so sweetly that he now wants to be a part of the Afghanistan equation. This is an epic disaster, absolutely close to home, in the make.

Why do I think so?

1. Erdo has great links with Qaeda and ISIL both. Here, the Taliban has links with Qaeda. The link gets reinforced once Erdo sits here more permanently. He is way better equipped compared to Uncle to hustle between these three. Religion is a handy tool here.

2. That would lead to mass arrival of the Wahhabi scum – the ones presently scattered all along Middle East. They have been coming and going discreetly already, sure. But trust me, the present will look like Mohun Bagan-East Bengal to Real-Barca when Erdo settles down. And these new arrivals will add up to the Deobandi Paki Talibs. There would be some initial friction between these entities, and media would want you all to feel great about it. Taliban rule is about to implode, they’ll say. Never buy that shit.

3. Once this comes to pass, this gang would have enough and more resources to cascade chaos in the adjoining areas. There are millions of suckers for religious ideology all over south Asia. And you know India is an easy prey.  

4. Then, Erdo houses the Chechen, Uzbek, or Dagestani terrorists and lowlifes that have been chased out by Kadyrov, Mirziyoyev, Berdymuhmedov and other Premiers that control the different central Asian stans, and are holing up all over Turkey, ISIL controlled Syria, or northern Africa. They will begin their mass exodus for their respective states. And then same chaos, up north, along the entire map (Central Asia and Caucasus) would replicate.

So, you could very well be looking at an animated blip that is about to grow and spread all along the Heartland, in the same manner that you see in those time-lapse videos. Erdo has over time, gotten increasingly vocal about the rerun of a Turkic empire which includes literally entire Central Asia, and parts of west Asia and China… blah blah (quite a big patch; I hope you get the pic). This looks like the first step to hand that over a platter. This is definitely not something that I had in mind when I said salary increment is due.

I don’t know how the coot and his team thinks they can handle the Frankenstein later. I don’t think they are capable of thinking that far ahead. Or care. I think they will enjoy a mass orgasm under the assumption that possession of Central Asia under The Great Game 3.0 is on!

Russia and China should shit bricks at the implications. Though it would only take a small course correction on the part of China to consolidate the entire Asian Heartland: to realize that there are bigger bonuses to be made if they slowdown on their efforts to surround India, and patch up, even temporarily. It would be far easier. India is always Miss Popular – ever willing; there’s some cultural commonality; there is Russian rooting; but most of all, when push comes to shove, Pakistan is going to drown it all and align with Turkey. Or KSA. Or even Iran. Any fellow religionist that lends legitimacy to the philosophy behind their creation. And that wont be China. Or Uncle.

And if China thinks that it is too smart, and that it can manhandle Uyghurs, and buy out Pakistan, and outsmart Islamic radicalism that’s about to hit the Heartland, and one-up Uncle, and be the next best thing after thin crust pizza – then not only are they gonna mess their shit, but everyone else’s too.

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